Perfect teeth without traditional bracers

 We all have that horror image in our mind, our perhaps a horror flashback, of our adolescence, our teeth being wired to the steel we know as bracers. Most tend to see it as an item that breaks image, makes us ugly or embarrassing to our surroundings. Many were ridiculed and taunted because of them. Let’s not forget the appointments involving the tightening of such constricting metals and brackets every month, bringing incredible pain to the point where we can’t even eat properly.

Risks for your teeth

Hard foods can dislodge, candies can get stuck between the wires and others can rust it, which can cause an incredible risk to your mouth. They also irritate your cheeks and gums. Overall, they are an annoyance that no one looking forward to and most tell of the horrors of having them instead of the benefits it later brought. Then there are most who were fortunate enough to grow up without depending on this metal need and then there is karma for those who taunted so much growing up, because teeth can crook suddenly even out of your youth as you grow, and your facial features go through changes that even affect your mouth. In fact, 25% of the braced population is adults and it’s growing. It’s not just for teens or for people who are born with crooked teeth. Yet you still want to improve your smile without the need of visible bracers and all the drag that comes with it. Lucky for you, clear braces are a thing, an example of one these products being Invisalign.


Invisalign works as a series of treatments where individualized plastics, each time a new one, are worn for a planned amount of time, correcting your smile as normal metal bracers would work. They should be worn the entire day, even with sleep, with only but three hours of removal, basically the times you would use to eat and brush your teeth. Since you won’t be wearing them while you eat, there are no limitations to what you can have. It is also less visits to the dentist as it will be all be done mostly by your hand. No brackets, no wires, no tightening, no pain and no other dreaded complications.


You will meet dentist who will deny your chance of having them, because there are some complications that Invisalign cannot cure so easily and do need the interventions of more orthodontic treatments. Invisalign is mostly for those who don’t have large dental problems. It is also the most expensive of orthodenticle treatments, mostly to do with how invisible they are. Yes, they are more expensive than the traditional steel ones, the ceramics ones and even the more complicated and rare lingual ones.


Really make sure if it is right for you as you would not like to pay highly for something that is not appropriate for your case. You should consult your dentist and schedule an appointment in hopes that this can be the right process for you.

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